I created OiDroids after seeing my children collecting standard stickers and trading cards and wondering if there was an opportunity to create a collectible card that offered more play value.

OiDroids Series 1 was launched with a Special First Edition foil pack, featuring an original set of 64 characters, to which I added another 32 characters for OiDroids’ launch into WHSmith stores. For retail I created The OiDroids 4 pack, 12 pack and Party Pack – featuring 10 OiDroids party sets.

As the brand grew I added the OiDroids Nuts ‘n’ Bolts Crew Sets 1 and 2, featuring better developed characters and packs and refreshed the Original Series 1 packs, which continued to be well received.

OiDroids won the LicenseThis! competition after I presented it at Brand Licensing Europe in 2015.

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